In Pursuit: Devotions for the Hunter and Fisherman


“Whether you’ve been a follower of Christ for a long time or you’re new to the ‘narrow trail,’ you’ll be glad you have a copy of this book because on every page you’ll find directions that will help guide you to higher spiritual ground.”

– from the foreword by Steve Chapman, author of A Look at Life from a Deer Stand

“I can’t think of anything better than worshiping God in the majesty of his wilderness. Zeke Pipher knows his stuff, and he’s created a practical guide filled with wisdom and common sense. Pipher is the kind of guy I’d hang out with in the woods and follow into church–a rare combination. If you want to worship God like a man, this is a great resource!”

– Rick Johnson, bestselling author of A Man in the Making and The Power of a Man

“God put within man the desire to create, to build, to accomplish–to be a man! We honor and worship the Father when we do these things according to the Scriptures and the guidance of his Holy Spirit. We represent the Father in our pursuits every day, just like an earthly son represents his father. We can make our Father proud or we can bring dishonor to his name. Today it’s harder than ever to go out into the world and make him proud. In Pursuit is a relevant and valuable tool to remind me daily just who it is I am trying to emulate as I create, build, and accomplish.”

– James Brion, TV producer, host, and outfitter

“I grew up a hunter, not a Christian, but the woods and fields taught me to be still and quiet, and that is the ideal state for God to reach in and tap us on the shoulder–and then touch our lives. Though I have been a Christian for thirty years now, being in the field still creates the perfect opportunity for reflection and renewal. Zeke Pipher obviously knows this very well, as his book clearly illustrates the unique relationship outdoorsmen have with their Creator. In this collection of short stories with big lessons, Zeke uses simple times in the woods to speak to issues of life and Christian maturity. It is first and foremost a book about devotion, but it sure is fun to find those lessons packaged in a format I can identify with so well. I would recommend this book to any outdoorsman.”

– Bill Winke, outdoor writer and host of Midwest Whitetail TV

“Zeke Pipher has spent his life exploring creation. He has followed the call on his life to learn and guide others to the Creator. Zeke shares what he’s experienced and learned about creation and the Creator with this book. I truly enjoyed reading it and will share the devotionals with others. Everyone who enjoys wild critters and places will enjoy and benefit from In Pursuit.”

– Dr. Grant Woods, wildlife biologist and host of

“Zeke Pipher writes with strength and clarity about who we are and who God is, and he does so in the setting of the beautiful and rugged creation that surrounds us. In story after story and insight after insight–all offered up in a quick, easy-to-read style–Pipher takes us on a wilderness journey with God and Scripture to the very heart of what matters most in our lives and our world. There’s something for everyone here. A great book.”

– Murray Pura, pastor and author of Rooted, Streams, and Majestic and Wild

“In Pursuit is an amazing ministry. Zeke does a masterful job of combining his love of the great outdoors and fascinating wildlife experiences with his theological expertise. The result is a perfect spiritual experience for the hunter or fisherman.”

– Andy Hoffman, father of 2013 ESPY winner Jack Hoffman and chairman of the Team Jack Foundation

“Zeke Pipher reminds us that the rhythm of life can be wonderfully lived within God’s song of nature. The various currents in the stream–hunting, fishing, hiking, and many more–serve the outdoorsman’s heart, if he will take time to reflect not only on the creation but also on the Creator who made it all. Zeke’s book is a wonderful guide that enables this process.”

– Dr. Jimmy Sites, producer/host: Spiritual Outdoor Adventures TV


God waits for you in the wild places. If you’re a hunter or a fisherman, you’ve been there. The moment of truth–that adrenaline-surging, heart-pounding instant when success and failure hang in the balance. In that moment, you don’t know if you will experience the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.

In Pursuit was written for you. With powerful truths from Scripture and true hunting and fishing stories that capture the thrill of the great outdoors, these reflections on the active life will help prepare you for success and significance–in the field, on the water, and in your life.

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